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The Status Quo of WebAssembly

WebAssembly is a relatively new binary format for in-web executable program code. This article is about the motivation behind WebAssembly, the current state of the implementation, and future extensions.

Why you should use date-fns for manipulating dates with JavaScript

Issues related to working with dates are as old of a problem as it gets with JavaScript. In theory it is possible to perform date calculations with JavaScript’s date object, if it weren’t for the many weaknesses of the API. Fortunately, there are helpful libraries that can save us a lot of work. One of them is date-fns.

TypeScript versus JS++: JavaScript typing done right!

Roger Poon started JS++ eight years ago with a deep understanding of corner cases that he doesn’t believe the TypeScript team can rival. This is why Roger believes JS++ is the better option whether you need to write a simple library or if you need backwards compatibility with a large, complex, legacy enterprise codebase. Let’s have a closer look at it!

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Implementing cross-cutting concerns with Angular

Cross-cutting concerns are these annoying, mostly technical requirements that have to be considered time and time again for things like authentication, logging, or error treatment. Of course, no one wants to have to repeat method calls necessary for these all the time. Ideally, they are activated automatically. In this article, I will demonstrate three different Angular mechanisms that make this possible in an elegant way: Guards, HTTP Interceptors, and Directives. All of the examples shown can be found in the GitHub repository [1].

Build, Test and Deployment with Angular and GitLab CI

Using a continuous integration (CI) server for backend systems has been an established best practice for a very long time. As the complexity and the scope of modern web frontends increases, so does the need for professional development techniques. This includes working with test-driven development, CI servers, and automated processes. In this article, we will use an example of Angular and GitLab CI to see how build automation can be implemented.

Keynote video: Is a new Cross-platform Development Era coming?

There are many approaches to cross-platform development, Progressive Web Apps are just one of them. Have you ever considerd building a PWA? You certainly should – browsers are everywhere today and make it really easy to reach a broader audience with your mobile app. Not sure yet? Watch this keynote from iJS Munich 2018 and learn more about PWAs from Maxim Salnikov.

Real-time Statistics with stdlib

Statistics and other data mining approaches help us make sense of this treasure trove of information. As data requirements continue to evolve, we should expect that our analytical tools keep pace. In this article, we will explore how to use stdlib for calculating real-time statistics.





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