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React: From Implementation to Deployment

When working with React, the eventual excitement lies in deploying your web application to the cloud. It's the moment you get to showcase your work to the world! This guide removes the mystery from deployment. In no time, you'll build a Docker image and deploy your React app to AWS ECS, transforming your local project into a professional and scalable cloud application.

pnpm – The High-Performance Package Manager

It’s hard to imagine developing TypeScript applications without package managers, and the same is true for JavaScript. But you should avoid non-type-safe variants as much as you can in your daily work. What would the web community be like if there was just one package manager? We can fall back on several alternatives, to be precise, three of them. This article will look at pnpm. This package manager is somewhat of an outsider compared to npm and Yarn. However, it’s becoming increasingly popular and not without reason, as you’ll see below.

What’s New in Next.js 14?

Without a doubt, the Next.js JavaScript framework is generating the most attention in the front-end world. It remains to be seen if this attention is entirely positive, but undeniable progress is currently unfolding in this domain. In this article, we’ll examine the newest version, Next.js 14.

What’s New In Angular 17?

In early 2023, Sarah Drashner, Google's Engineering Director and head of the Angular team, coined the term "Angular Renaissance" to describe the renewed focus on the framework for developing modern JavaScript applications over the last seven years.

Custom Standalone APIs for Angular

Together with standalone components, the Angular team has introduced the so-called standalone APIs. They provide a simple solution for library setup and do not require Angular modules. Popular libraries that already implement this concept include the HttpClient, Router, and NgRx. These libraries are based on several patterns that we find beneficial in our own projects. They also provide our library users with familiar structures and behaviors. In this article, I show three such patterns that I derived from the libraries mentioned.

Is Remix Better Than Next.js?

Remix specializes in server-side rendered websites and promises a better developer and user experience and faster load times with an innovative approach to routing. In the React ecosystem, Next.js has established itself as the technology for dynamic websites. Since the late 2021, Remix is a new contender from the makers of React Router. Let’s see an overview of Remix using a sample application and compare it to Next.js.

Svelte 4 Under the Hood

The web framework Svelte is currently undergoing lots of great activity. In December 2022, after a long beta phase, version 1 of the official Svelte meta framework SvelteKit was finally released. Then, in June 2023, Svelte 4 was released. This article takes a look at the latest major version’s new features and at what else can be expected in the future.

Tauri 2.0: A look at the Rust-based JS framework

Tauri is an open-source Rust-based framework for building native-feeling apps for a wide array of operating systems. Generally speaking, Tauri-based apps leverage the system web view and the IPC bridge between the web view and the Rust host, also known as Tauri Core. Tauri provides a number of interfaces to lower-level systems, like file access, and makes these interfaces available to the user interface in a web view via JS APIs that send and receive messages across the IPC.

Future-proof Module Federation With Browser Technologies

Module federation greatly simplifies the implementation of microfrontends. However, it is — to some extent — linked to webpack. This is not a major issue in the short term, and possibly also in the medium term, because webpack is currently the most popular build tool for web technologies, with over 20 million downloads.
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