Fullstack Day at JavaScript Conference

October 26, 2020 | Munich

JavaScript Fullstack Day

Hans-Christian Otto
Hans-Christian Otto
Suora GmbH

JavaScript Fullstack Day will get you in touch with all tools, technologies and techniques which are key to successful modern JavaScript development — from choosing the right JavaScript language and frontend framework to best practices for backend development and even further into the world of containerized deployment.

A team of experienced JavaScript professionals will be at your disposal with valuable information and practical knowledge throughout the entire Fullstack Day. An additional Open Space will give you the chance to ask in-depth questions and discuss selected details.

Fullstack JavaScript Day is divided into four units, all of which cover selected aspects of the JavaScript universe comprehensively. TypeScript, Angular, Node.js and many other topics will be covered by a team of experts, providing you with valuable insights and helping you to take your skills to the next level.


Angular, React or Vue?

In the first two modules of the Fullstack Day, you’ll dive deeply into the most commonly used frontend frameworks and examine their specific approaches. What use cases are working best with Angular, React, or Vue? Discover the particular advantages of those frameworks get a deeper understanding of the entire lifecycle from the first sketch to development and production.

Full Stack JavaScript

From Node to CI

Discuss various strategies for backend and deployment — get a deeper understanding of Node.js, Docker/Kubernetes, Continuous Delivery pipelines and how these things play well together. Learn, which tools you need to become a true fullstack developer!

Open Space

Ask anything

The last module is all about you: here you can raise your questions about the topics of the day, start a conversation with our speakers, talk to your peers and gain a deeper understanding of selected topics. You define the program of this module!



Sessions providing new ideas


Interactive talks


Experienced speakers and experts

Exchange with other devs





Best-Practises with Angular


One of the most famous frameworks of modern days

JavaScript Practices & Tools

DevOps, Testing, Performance, Toolchain & SEO


All about Node.js


From Basic concepts to unidirectional data flows