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NestJS Workshop: Create a backend and frontend app in no time with NestJS and Angular [SOLD OUT]

JavaScript Architecture Workshop: Build your own application system from scratch [SOLD OUT)

React Workshop: Building single page applications with React

JavaScript Fullstack Day - from Zero to Hero


Design system - From a developer point-of-view

Real-world advanced Redux patterns

Offline first!

CQRS and Event Sourcing

Increase performance and users engagement with PWAs

My voice is my passport. Verify me?

Secrets Management: How to (not) help the person who hacks your servers get your data

Progressive Web Apps without frameworks #nomigrations #webstandards #noslides

Need for Speed – Web Performance Optimization

Web Payment API a new way of paying online


Deno – a better Node.js?

My browser does what?

Functional JavaScript

Modern JavaScript frameworks & SEO

Hacking JWTs: The attacker's perspective

Advanced Progressive Web Apps: Push notifications under control


Speed, Speed, Speed: JavaScript vs C++ vs WebAssembly

Internet Tomorrow – Expectations for the Next Billion

Watching them watching us: Catching websites leaking sensitive data to third-parties!

Angular & WordPress: Practical guide to headless CMS

Warum Global State keine eierlegende Wollmilchsau ist – und was wir wirklich nutzen sollten

State Management in Angular: from Facades to NgRx and back

Universal Vue applications with Nuxt.js

Machine learning in the browser with TensorFlow.js

To Identity and Beyond!

Fullstack JavaScript: How to integrate Docker, MongoDB, GraphQL and more in your project

Introduction to machine learning in Node.js

How to tame a Unicorn

TypeScript for React developers

Writing Security Code in Node.js

The most infamous code smells in Angular Applications

Why you should consider WebAssembly in your next Frontend Project

Angular Schematics - the unknown hero

Professional Angular architectures with Angular libraries

Building an ARt Gallery in the Browser

You should be giving a talk next year: Discover the super-hero speaker in you

Testing GraphQL in your JavaScript application: From zero To one hundred percent coverage

Node.js performance analytics and best practices

The Future of Angular with Ivy

Web applications of the future with TypeScript and GraphQL

Using AI to power your images

Carving Microservices out of the Monolith with Domain Storytelling

Creating custom Structural Directives in Angular

Build modern and scalable Node.js Web Applications with Nest

Building effective design systems in Vue, React or whatever

Serverless: Managed functions in the Cloud that don't hurt your wallet

Sustainable Architectures with Angular, Monorepos and strategic Domain-driven Design


Are you being servered? — exploring a serverless web

Docker: multi-stage and multi-environment

Progressive React apps

Web Components with Angular Elements: beyond the Basics

The Joy of Multiple Models – Strategic Design with DDD

Profiling JavaScript Apps like a pro - even with Angular

Building an Angular PWA: Angular Service Worker or Workbox?


Scalable JavaScript Workshop: Building scalable JavaScript apps [SOLD OUT]

Advanced Angular Workshop: Enterprise Solutions and Architectures

PWA Workshop: Let’s make a Web App Progressive in a workday