April 20 – 22, 2020 | London

PWA Workshop: Let’s make a Web App Progressive in a workday

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Friday, October 25 2019
09:00 - 17:00
Rubin 3 (Holiday Inn Westpark)
Booking note:
PWA Workshop

The Web platform is amazing. It is becoming more and more performant and feature-rich while keeping its universal nature. We call the web apps we build using the latest browser APIs "progressive", allowing us to achieve a totally new level of user experience. In this workshop, we’ll focus on what Angular, as a framework, contributes to the PWA concept. During the full day of training, you will learn about: PWA concept pillars, Service Worker API fundamentals, current platform’s PWA support (and workarounds when needed), and Workbox library – the industry standard in the automation of PWA tasks. I will share lots of practical tips & tricks, both technical and UX, review real-life PWA examples, explain how to avoid common pitfalls, and how to deal with edge cases. On the practical side, I will teach you how to build a Progressive Web Application. We start from the “regular” application, and in the form of discrete, documented steps, you will learn how to add PWA features one-by-one using Workbox. As a result, everyone will have a fully-featured, installable PWA ready to delight its users with its offline experience, optimized networking, and push notifications.

Course overview:

  • ​Introduction to PWA and Workshop Setup
  • Introduction to Workbox
  • Creating MVP PWA
  • External resources caching
  • Setting up runtime caching
  • Web App Manifest and Adding to Home Screen
  • Implementing push notifications
  • Replaying offline requests using Background sync
  • Providing better UX for app update flow
  • Future development of PWA and Workbox
  • Questions and answers

Expected level:

  • ​Basic knowledge of JavaScript is required
  •  The knowledge of any framework(s) is not required


You need a laptop with installed (latest stable versions) Git, Node, NPM, and browsers (latest stable versions) Chrome / Firefox / Edge (on Windows).





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