April 20 – 22, 2020 | London

JavaScript Fullstack Day – from Zero to Hero

Monday, October 21 2019
09:00 - 17:00
Forum 12+13+14
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Fullstack Day

JavaScript Fullstack Day will get you in touch with all tools, technologies and techniques which are key to successful modern JavaScript development — from choosing the right frontend framework to best practices for backend development, from sophisticated engineering tools to finding your JavaScript language of choice!

Come to Fullstack JavaScript Day and benefit from our speakers’ expertise who provide valuable insights from their web projects and reveal their „secret tricks”.

Fullstack JavaScript Day is divided into four units, all of which cover selected aspects of the JavaScript universe comprehensively.

The first unit is all about gaining insights into the topics at the core of every JS project. JavaScript, ECMAScript and TypeScript: Get to know the most important languages of the JavaScript universe and learn how to make the right choice for your project.

In the second module of Fullstack Day, you’ll get an overview over the most commonly used frontend frameworks for building a modern website: Angular, React and Vue.js. What are Single Page Applications? Which frontend framework is tailored best to what use case? How to test web apps based on these frameworks?

Unit three will focus on taking your understanding of JavaScript from frontend to backend. Get an overview of the concept of server-side rendering with Node.js and the tools you’ll need to become a Fullstack JavaScript developer: Start with npm, and learn when to use webpack, Babel and TypeScript Compilers. Our speakers will also provide you with insights into deployment and even take a look at containers and CI/CD pipelines, going beyond the classic limits of JavaScript.

The last module is all about you: here you can raise your questions about the topics of the day, start a conversation with our speakers, talk to your peers and gain a deeper understanding of selected topics.





Best-Practises with Angular


One of the most famous frameworks of modern days

Web Development & Architecture

DevOps, Testing, Performance, Toolchain & SEO


All about Node.js


From Basic concepts to unidirectional data flows