Is Remix Better Than Next.js?

Remix specializes in server-side rendered websites and promises a better developer and user experience and faster load times with an innovative approach to routing. In the React ecosystem, Next.js has established itself as the technology for dynamic websites. Since the late 2021, Remix is a new contender from the makers of React Router. Let’s see an overview of Remix using a sample application and compare it to Next.js.

What are React Server Components?

The year 2020 ended with a bang for React developers when just before Christmas, Facebook's React team unveiled the RFC for React Server Components. Even though Facebook itself talks about React Server Components still being the dream of the future, let's take a look at the topic in this article. React Server Components could become the biggest innovation for React developers since the introduction of Hooks.

How to develop GraphQL frontends with Angular and React

GraphQL, the web API query language developed by Facebook, has been gaining attention for several years now. But while a lot of articles on the subject examined the server-side in detail, the client itself got less attention. This article will focus on the usage of a GraphQL interface in the frontend, while also taking a closer look at both Angular and React.

back to school—explore the program of iJS

September is here! It always reminds people of school time, seeing friends after months and of course studying. We want to take you back to those times and give you the feeling of being a student again! Welcome to the JS Academy and its extensive syllabus!

Web Components & Micro Apps: Angular, React & Vue peacefully united?

Angular, React, Vue or some other framework: Which one are you going to use on your next project? The JavaScript ecosystem offers so many choices and all of them have their pros and cons for any given project, making it difficult to choose just one. But there is a solution to that: With micro apps and web components, you can use whatever works best for any single part of your project.

Write once, run everywhere: Building Desktop Apps with React and Electron

Writing a desktop application for a specific operating system is relatively easy nowadays. There are many development environments and libraries available for popular operating systems that can be used to create applications with graphical user interfaces with little effort. However, the programs created this way are not platform-independent. This is where Electron comes in as a promising solution.

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