Speed, Speed, Speed: JavaScript vs C++ vs WebAssembly [ KEYNOTE ]

Nov 4, 2019

In Node.js, we can use WebAssembly modules and native C++ addons. If your app has performance critical parts, should you stay in JavaScript? Or write a native C++ addon? Or use WebAssembly? Let's have a look at how these options compare performance wise and which one is best for different workloads. So the next time you need to optimize for speed, you know your options.

What’s happening under the hood at the compiler level in JavaScript? In this keynote session, we’ll be talking about JavaScript compilers specifically and see how modern JS performance compares to C++ performance and then we’ll see where WebAssembly fits into this performance story. The concepts that Franziska Hinkelmann will be showing you are fundamental JS concepts and they apply no matter what framework you are using – so doesn’t matter if you are using Angular, Node.js or anything else.

Moreover, as we go through this journey, the questions like how can dynamically typed JS be so fast, when it became faster than before will be answered as well.

Only make performance improvements if you actually have a problem. If nobody complains that your app is too fast, if you are not losing revenue, don’t start making it faster.

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