October 21 – 25, 2019 | Munich

Serverless: Managed functions in the Cloud that don’t hurt your wallet

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In this talk, we will discuss why Serverless has become a more and more common approach as Cloud becomes the default place to host your apps. Serverless not only lets you focus more on the code and deliver more business value, but it promotes a new way to think about your apps and how they communicate, namely with events or messages. To add to that, Serverless represents a very cost-effective option since you are only billed for the time they carry out work. That makes them ideal for seldom ran tasks and a great candidate for startups trying to keep costs low.

We will look at how we can author Serverless functions using JavaScript and deploy them to the Cloud, as well as two different ways of doing Serverless: namely Functions and Durable Functions. The latter lets us define long-running workflows.

Did I mention that they are fully managed and you don’t need to worry about virtual machines, web servers, or another hosting? Just code and create value for your business.





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