October 21 – 25, 2019 | Munich

How to re-architect a JavaScript Class System

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Monday, May 13 2019
11:30 - 12:20

More than ten years ago, when JavaScript was a prototype-based language, we at Sencha invented our own advanced class system for JavaScript that was used by millions of developers to architect complex enterprise applications. After widespread adoption of ECMAScript 2015-2018 (which introduced classes and modules), this new-for-JavaScript object-oriented paradigm was enthusiastically embraced by the JavaScript community.

At that point, we faced a challenge due to a decision made several years earlier: Our framework and all the applications developed on it did not follow current language standards. Our class system included mixins, plug-ins, config properties, singletons, class dependencies, and overrides that did not exist in the official specification of JavaScript classes.

In this presentation, I will share the company’s story and lessons learned including:

  • what metrics and questions need to be considered to increase the chances that architectural decisions made today will not require re-write of the whole solution
  • how to balance the need to follow standards with the goal to provide a comprehensive tool set for application developers
  • how to pick a technology that remains relevant over a longer period of time





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