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23. – 27. Oktober 2017 | München

Maciej Malarz


24 Oct 2017
11:45 - 12:45
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Database? Meh! Implementation Details with Domain-driven Design

24 Oct 2017
11:45 - 12:45

Often the work with new project starts with the database and its schema (or lack of it). Next up, we reflect that very model in the code. Adding our favourite library dealing with data storage and stuffing into our framework of choice, we are able to quickly close tasks and finish entire projects. But is that really all that has to be done? What about tests? They are either scarce or totally absent – which is often a pain in the neck. What if such a rattled off project will become successful and greatly outgrows its development capabilities? Let’s see what we can do about these issues by forgetting for a moment about the chosen database and library which abstract it away, be it Hibernate, Doctrine, Eloquent or any other technology you fancy.
Throughout the presentation we’ll take a close look at a rapidly developed application and will try to fix initial shortcomings: we’ll write some more code, take a page from Domain-driven Design and see what will come out of it. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get something more than a testable application that is ready to embrace changes the business team has yet to tell you about?




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