May 13 – 15, 2019 | London

Seyhan Baki

Seyhan Baki
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Seyhan Baki

QA Ltd.

Seyhan currently works as an agile trainer at QA Ltd. – UK’s leading technology training company. She has extensive experience in software development and delivery in the educational technology domain. She has background in education, technology and management holding academic qualifications in each area. She has worked in dev teams as programmer and then as a manager to lead smart people. Having worked in various roles, but specifically within the role of deployment manager, gave her an opportunity to see the friction between agile dev and non-agile ops teams and its impact on customer satisfaction. When she had become aware of the DevOps movement she decided to research it as part of her MBA study. The key lesson from the research was the need for one team culture focusing on end to end value delivery process with the goal of achieving true agility and outsmarting the competition.

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