April 20 – 22, 2020 | London

Node.js and typing: How you can combine JavaScript Types in your Node.js Code

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Tuesday, May 14 2019
11:30 - 12:20
Edward 1/2

Node.js has become an extremely popular platform for writing server side applications. Lately, using types in JavaScript code has started to spread from the front end into Node.js. An increasing number of developers are using types in their Node.js code. Developers have found that using types simplifies their code readability, exposed APIs, and improves more aspects. There are lots of technologies available for using types in Node.js, such as TSNode, Typescript, and Flow.

How can we start using types in our Node.js server? Which technology should we use? How does this influence debugging and monitoring production applications? In this talk, I will give an overview about different technologies that enable you to use types in your Node.js code. I will show how developers can get started with each one of those technologies and talk about some of the overheads that they bring. I will also focus on how you can develop your code in order to support aspects such as long term code maintenance, debugging, and monitoring production applications by using tools like Source Maps and transpilers. At the end of this session, developers will be much more familiar with typing technologies and what is important to include in their projects.





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