April 20 – 22, 2020 | London

GraphQL Transformation – Are we ready to change?

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GraphQL is transforming the way we build applications. Companies like Airbnb move 10x faster at scale with GraphQL. Front-end developers fall in love with GraphQL because they get more power and control, in contrast, other engineers will have to give that control. Back-end engineers or infrastructure engineers might feel are pushed out of their comfort zone. 

Who owns the data graph? What about security? Reliability and scaling? How do we manage and monitor the graph? In this talk, I’ll share how to technically solve some of those concerns and also how to make sure everyone in the team is on board in order to deliver a successful GraphQL adoption in the organization. 

In this talk, I’ll show 3 cases where we helped 3 different organizations adopt GraphQL. We’ll discuss which problems we found and the different GraphQL tools we used in each case, such as caching via CDN using persisted queries, Apollo Schema Link for Server-Side Rendering (SSR), or layering GraphQL on top of existent REST APIs. We will also show what approaches we followed in each case to design the schema.





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