Full Stack Day at JavaScript Conference

April 27, 2022 | London or online

JavaScript Full Stack Day

Hans-Christian Otto
Hans-Christian Otto
Suora GmbH
Martina Kraus
Martina Kraus
Lamis Chebbi
Lamis Chebbi
Joel Lord
Joel Lord
Red Hat OpenShift

iJS Fullstack Day is the perfect way to wrap up your conference experience. On this special day, a team of experienced JavaScript experts will present different technologies, tools, and trends from the JavaScript ecosystem in a number of talks that will help you to understand the big picture. How do all these technologies that you heard about at iJS work together? The host of Fullstack Day, Hans-Christian Otto, will connect the dots between talks, adding valuable insights. The talks will be rounded off with a speaker panel where your questions will be discussed. You are welcome to join the panel discussion and add your thoughts!

During this special conference day, you will gain a better understanding of how the JavaScript fullstack ecosystem works. Take home the knowledge you need to make better technology choices for your project and learn how to navigate the JavaScript ecosystem from frontend to backend.

The topics of iJS Fullstack Day cover a wide range from frontend frameworks to containerization and more: Angular, Kubernetes, Node, and WebAssembly are just some of the topics covered at this special day at iJS. Join us to see how they work together!

Experience several talks and a interactive panel discussion, all in one day, presented in a way that brings all of the technologies together. JavaScript evolved from a frontend language into a fullstack language – join us at iJS Fullstack Day to learn how to leverage the manifold possibilities the JS ecosystem has to offer.


Angular or React?

At the beginning of the day, speakers discuss framework choices. Angular or React? Which framework is best for my project? Discover the particular advantages of these frameworks and gain a deeper understanding of the entire lifecycle from the first sketch, to development and production.

Node & Docker

From Node to CI

The second topic area of Fullstack Day is focused on topics like Node.js and Docker. Discuss various strategies for backend and deployment — get a deeper understanding of server-side JavaScript and containerization.

Latest Trends

What's new?

During the third block, you will learn about the latest technology trends in the webtech world. Have you given WebAssembly a try? Do you know about the latest testing tools? Topics can vary depending on current hot trends, but there will always be up-to-date knowledge waiting for you!


Ask anything

The last part of the day is all about you: The speakers will discuss your questions from different angles. Join in, gain a broader understanding of the topics presented during the day, and get in touch with the speakers.


Thought-provoking sessions that spark new ideas


Interactive talks

Experienced speakers and experts

Networking with other devs