Full Stack Day at JavaScript Conference

April 23, 2021 | London

JavaScript Full Stack Day

Hans-Christian Otto
Hans-Christian Otto
Suora GmbH
Cornelia Rauch
Sanne Peters
Sanne Peters
Senior Front-end Architect
Joel Lord
Joel Lord
Red Hat OpenShift
Debbie O'Brien
Debbie O'Brien
Patterson Agency
Sebastian Springer
Sebastian Springer
MaibornWolff GmbH

JavaScript Full Stack Day gives you the unique opportunity to learn about various JavaScript technologies, tools and techniques and how they play well together. It features a one day experience where a team of experienced JavaScript experts will show you how you can finally connect all the dots:

How do frameworks like Angular, React, Vue or Web Components differ from each other, what do they have in common, and which one makes the most sense for your project? In which way can sophisticated toolchains and modern technologies like containers help bringing your JavaScript skills to the next level?

A team of experienced JavaScript professionals is at your disposal with valuable information and practical knowledge throughout the entire Full Stack Day. An additional Open Space will give you the chance to ask in-depth questions and discuss selected details.

Whether you are already a pro in a particular JavaScript domain or trying to find the best approach for a sophisticated project — JavaScript Full Stack Day provides you loads of technical information which empowers you to achieve your goals. Faster, better, and more secure.

Join the Full Stack Day and benefit from a plethora of practical information, meet inspiring experts, and engage in an open and friendly conversation with other JavaScript enthusiasts!


Angular, React or Vue?

In the first two modules of the Fullstack Day, you’ll dive deeply into the most commonly used frontend frameworks and examine their specific approaches. What use cases are working best with Angular, React, or Vue? Discover the particular advantages of those frameworks get a deeper understanding of the entire lifecycle from the first sketch to development and production.

Full Stack JavaScript

From Node to CI

Discuss various strategies for backend and deployment — get a deeper understanding of Node.js, Docker/Kubernetes, Continuous Delivery pipelines and how these things play well together. Learn, which tools you need to become a true fullstack developer!

Open Space

Ask anything

The last module is all about you: here you can raise your questions about the topics of the day, start a conversation with our speakers, talk to your peers and gain a deeper understanding of selected topics. You define the program of this module!



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Interactive talks


Experienced speakers and experts

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