The iJS dossier

International Javascript Conference

40+ pages full of knowledge for JS developers

You are a JavaScript developer and want to extend your knowledge and improve your skills?
Then we got the right reading for you: Our experts did spare no effort to give you deep insights into the world of JavaScript, TypeScript, node.js, React and more!



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Table of content

    • JavaScript
      The world of JavaScript
      by Vlad Shkarupin

    • TypeScript
      TypeScript tutorial: Basics and typing in JavaScript
      by Johannes Dienst

    • Angular
      What’s new in Angular 5?
      by Karsten Sitterberg
      Two years with Angular and loving it
      by Yakov Fain
      What the new Angular 5 means for you
      by Mariana Burbela
      The original Angular: Still kicking in 2018
      by Lyubomir Petkov
      Six reasons why you need to try Angular
      by Kevin Gardner

    • React
      React: 7 reasons why you need to switch
      by Vlad Pshenychka
      Angular vs. React – Who’s one step ahead?
      Interview with Dr. Marius Hofmeister and Stephan Rauh

    • React Native
      The attractiveness of React Native
      by Anna Klimenko and Alexander Kotov

    • Vue.js
      Considering a new Framework: Vue.js
      by Luis Elizondo
      Everything you need to know about Vue.js
      by Kayla Matthews

    • Node.js
      The road ahead for Node.js
      by Rubi Saini, Gaurav Gupta, and Ankit Gupta