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Docker Cheat Sheet

Take your JavaScript project to the next level by running it inside a container! Docker is one of the most frequently used solutions for containerizing applications and becomes more and more important to web developers. But how to get started? In this Cheat Sheet by Joel Lord you will learn all you need to know about building and running Docker containers to start your first Docker project. Run a pre-built container, put your Node.js application into it and build your own containers: Become a Full Stack JavaScript developer today. If you want to learn even more about Full Stack JavaScript and how to use containers in your project, come to iJS FullStack JavaScript Days and meet the author of this Cheat Sheet.

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Table of content

    • Run a pre-built container

    • Build your own containers

    • How to debug code in a container?

    • Useful utilities: list all running containers, copy files from containers, delete containers

    • Run a Node.js application inside a Docker container

    • How to use container registries