Fullstack Day at JavaScript Conference

October 21, 2019 | Munich

JavaScript Fullstack Day — from Zero to Hero

Hans-Christian Otto
Hans-Christian Otto
Suora GmbH

After several years of being employed as a Director of Software Development, Christian co-founded Suora GmbH, a company that supports customers in designing, building and modernizing web applications. From frontend technologies to complex server side architectures, he is experienced in the major building blocks of today’s web platforms.

This special day is created exactly for the needs of experienced developers who want to enter the world of professional JavaScript development. It offers a 360 degree view on all important technologies and techniques you should be familiar with if you want to become a successful JavaScript developer. It presents all the knowledge in a nutshell you need to plan, develop and deploy JavaScript projects in a modern way.

Learn about the principles of ES6+ and TypeScript and discuss the differences from the languages you already know. Build your professional and highly efficient working environment using package managers, continuous integration tools, test automation and state of the art deployments.

And don’t forget about the central pieces of most modern JavaScript applications: Frameworks! Why are Angular, React and Vue.js so popular? How do you make the right choice for your project and how can you get started using one of these frameworks? How can Node.js help you with JavaScript technology on the server side?

In this workshop, experienced JavaScript and web developers will offer insights which will help you get started with professional JavaScript development quickly, also sharing their good practices and ‘secret’ tips and tricks.

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