• Andrey Goncharov
    Sebastian Meyen

    Welcome and opening // Keynote: Applied History of the Frontend

    Sebastian Meyen (Software & Support Media)
    Manfred Steyer

    Angular’s Future Without NgModules: Architectures with Standalone Components

    Manfred Steyer (SOFTWAREarchitekt.at)
    Lamis Chebbi

    How to make your Angular apps more accessible

    Lamis Chebbi (Google Developer Expert)
    Martine Dowden
    Michael Dowden

    Building for Accessibility with Angular Workshop

    Martine Dowden (Andromeda Galactic Solutions)
    Michael Dowden (Andromeda Galactic Solutions)
    Tamar Stern

    Let’s Go Serverless With Node.js and AWS Lambda

    Tamar Stern (XM Cyber)
    Christian Liebel

    PWA Workshop: From 0 to MS Paint with Project Fugu (Hands-on)

    Christian Liebel (Thinktecture AG)